One of the other poems that I frequently show as an example in talks is a perfect example of what a poetry collection can quickly find, but which cannot be easily found by a general web search engine.

A poem about poetry.


O Poetry,
Thou art to me
My confidante,
My friend !

When all the tides within
Rise overflowing,
Thou art to me
Like liberty.

On thine infinity
My argosy
Is launched, a boat
With every tide.

But some will sink,
And some --- who knows !---
O Poetry, thou art to me
As destiny !

Poems along the border

One of the coolest early poems we discovered was this "Jingle on Peas" in a Gardening Guide! This was exciting in particular because it was found in a book that was not a book on Poetry, and because the original source, as far as we are able to tell, is unknown.

"Jingle upon Peas"

Peas along the border, Peas upon the lawn,
Peas against an eastern wall to welcome in the dawn.
Peas among the Roses, Peas behind the Pinks;
Peas to catch the western glow when evening sunlight sinks.
Peas upheld with Chestnut, Peas held up with Ash;
Peas asprawl on Hazel spray, Peas on Larchen brash.
Peas on stiff, unyielding wire, Peas tied up with string;
Peas upon the trellis work where Rambler Roses swing.
Oh ! merry, merry, merry, are the gay Sweet Peas;
Plant them when and how you will, it's certain they will please.