Collected Poems
He ever saw, and wished himself, almost,
Away from Vivian, to make other kings,
And shake the world again in the old manner.
I saw myself no bigger than a beetle
For several days, and wondered if your love
Were large enough to make me any larger
When you came back. Am I a beetle still? "
She stood up on her toes and held her cheek
For some time against his, and let him go.
" I fear the time has come for me to wander
A little in my prison-yard, " he said.
" No, tell me everything that you have seen
And heard and done, and seen done, and heard done,
Since you deserted me. And tell me first
What the King thinks of me. " " The King believes
That you are almost what you are, " he told her :
" The beauty of all ages that are vanished,
Reborn to be the wonder of one woman. "
" I knew he hated me. What else of him? "
" And all that I have seen and heard and done,
Which is not much, would make a weary telling;
And all your part of it would be to sleep,
And dream that Merlin had his beard again. "
" Then tell me more about your good fool knight,
Sir Dagonet. If Blaise were not half-mad
Already with his pondering on the name
And shield of his unshielding nameless father,
I ' d make a fool of him. I ' d call him Ajax;
I ' d have him shake his fist at thunder-storms,
And dance a jig as long as there was lightning,
And so till I forgot myself entirely.
Not even your love may do so much as that. "
" Thunder and lightning are no friends of mine, "
Said Merlin slowly, " more than they are yours;