Garden Guide: The Amateur Gardener's Handbook
considered a poor time to move them. When Iris clumps begin to
choke themselves out by covering the ground so that young shoots
have difficulty hi establishing roots, they should be broken up and
set in another place. Due to the prolificacy of German Iris this will
be necessary every third year.
The poet has a jingle upon Peas. He says:
" Peas along the border, Peas upon the lawn,
Peas against an eastern wall to welcome in the dawn.
Peas among the Roses, Peas behind the Pinks;
Peas to catch the western glow when evening sunlight sinks.
Peas upheld with Chestnut, Peas held up with Ash;
Peas asprawl on Hazel spray, Peas on Larchen brash.
Peas on stiff, unyielding ^wire, Peas tied up with string;
Peas upon the trellis work where Rambler Roses swing.
Oh ! merry, merry, merry, are the gay Sweet Peas;
Plant them when and how you will, it ' s certain they will please. "
It would appear that the answer to the question of where to
plant Sweet Peas is, " Everywhere. " But Sweet Peas should be
planted on a well drained soil only, or one in which the excessive rains
of Spring will not cause water to stand around the roots an(J start
mildew. They do not like excessive shade, for the plants should make
a sturdy growth. In the shade the growth is weak and spindly and
but few flowers are produced.
Place Peas, then, in the open, giving them all available light and
air, although a little shade from midday suns of June and July is,
of course, beneficial. Hot weather causes short stems on Peas and
the best hay and grain weather makes an end of them.
THE PREPARATION OF THE SOIL is one of the most important
points in the success of Sweet Peas. They like the cool soil and
attempt to strike down deeply. Dig a trench two or three feet deep,
break up and turn over the subsoil. Do not use it for top soil if it
is poor. Put in a liberal amount of stable manure and work in a
heavy dressing of bonemeal. This preparation should be made in
the Fall and the bed left all Whiter. When working over in the
Spring give a good, liberal coating of well decayed manure or some
fertilizer. If the soil is deficient in lime, dust the surface with -fresh
lime in Fall or Winter, using it as soon as slaked.
SOWING SEEDS IN POTS. In order to gain a month in season
Sweet Peas may be sown in three-inch pots in February and placed in a
coldframe. But they are generally sown a month before wanted for
outdoor planting and a smaller pot is used. Four seeds are sown hi
each pot. The frame used should be thoroughly cleaned and dusted