History of the Twentieth Tennessee Regiment Volunteer Infantry, C.S.A
Fold it up carefully, lay it aside ;
Tenderly touch it, look on it with pride ;
For dear must it be to our hearts evermore,
The jacket of gray our loved soldier-boy wore.
Can we forget when he joined the brave band,
That rose in defense of our dear Southern land,
And in his bright youth hurried off to the fray,
How proudly he donned it the jacket of gray?
His fond mother blessed him, and looked up above,
Commending to heaven the child of her love ;
What anguish was hers mortal tongue cannot say,
When he passed from her sight in the jacket of gray.
But her country had called, and she would not repine,
Though costly the sacrifice placed on its shrine ;
Her heart s dearest hopes on its altar she d lay,
When she sent out her boy in the jacket of gray.
Months passed, and war s thunder rolled over the land ;
Unsheathed was the sword, and lighted the brand ;
We heard in the distance the sounds of the fray,
And prayed for our boy in the jacket of gray.
Ah, vain, all in vain, were our prayers and our tears ;
The glad shout of victory rang in our ears ;
But our treasured one on the red battle-field lay,
While the life-blood oozed out on the jacket of gray.
His young comrades found him, and tenderly bore
His cold, lifeless form to his home by the shore ;
Oh, dark were our hearts on that terrible day,
When we saw our dead boy in the jacket of gray.
Ah, spotted and tattered, and stained now with gore,
Was the garment which once he so proudly wore ;
We bitterly wept as we took it away,
And replaced with death s white robe the jacket of gray.