The Works of Jonathan Swift, D.D.
without the assistance of the society, even to defray
the expense of her husband ' s funeral.
" To his Grace the Lord Chancellor, the Right Honourable the
Judges, and other the Honourable Benchers of the Honourable
Society of the King ' s Inns, Dublin :
" The humble Petition of Jonathan Swift ;
" Humbly sheweth,
" That the stewardship of this Honourable Society is now be
come void by the death of Thomas Wale, the late steward thereof:
That your petitioner, his father, and their whole family, have
been always very loyal and faithful to his said Majesty and his
royal father, and have been very great sufferers upon that account :
That your petitioner, for these six or seven years last past, hath
been much conversant about the said Inns, and is very well ac
quainted with the duty and employment belonging unto the stew
ard thereof, he having assisted the said Thomas Wale in entering
of the orders of your honours, and in the settling and ordering
other things belonging to the said employment.
" That your petitioner doubts not but if your honours will be
pleased to confer the said employment of steward upon your peti
tioner, that he shall give your honours all satisfaction imaginable
" He therefore humbly prays that your honours will be pleased
to confirm the said stewardship upon him.
And he shall pray. "
^Extracted from the Black-book of the King ' s Inns, in the li
brary, Henrietta Street, Dublin, p. 242.]
I compared the above extracts with Mr Hartstonge, and can
certify its correctness with the original.
Presented to a Council held \ Librarian to the Honourable
at the King ' s Inns, L Society of King ' s Inns,
Dublin, 14th Nov. 1665. ( Dublin, Dec. 24th, 1810.