The Works of Jonathan Swift, D.D.
duct, it is pleasing to contrast the generosity of Ad-
dison, who took this period of adversity to renew that
Besides, the fragments of the feast
Will feed his house a week at least
As for himself, with draggled gown,
Poor-curate-like, he ' ll trudge the town,
To eat a meal with punster base,
Or buffoon call him, if you please.
Sometimes to Gallstown he will go,
To spend a month or two, or so,
Admires the baron, George and ' s spouse,
Lives well, and then lampoons the house.
Thus far our bard in doggrel rhyme,
In the Dean ' s kitchen, spent his time ;
He ' s dull, because there is no fire,
Or wine, his rustic muse t ' inspire.
But let ' s proceed from these poor tricks
O ' th* kitchen to his politics.
They stare, and think he knows as well
All depths of state as Machiavel.
It must be so, since from him flows,
Whate ' er the Earl of Oxford knows.
He swears the project of the peace
Was laid by him in Anna ' s days.
The South Sea ne ' er could have miscarried
As he contrived, but others marr ' d it :
Thus he goes on two hours and more,
And tells the same thing o ' er and o ' er.
The darkest plots he can unravel.
And split them ope from the head to th ' navel,
What dire effects o ' er bandbox hover ' d,
Venice preserved, the plot ' s discover ' d.
Venice here stands for ' s great Maecenas,
The Earl of Oxford, not JEneas.
And yet when all is done and said,
A Tale of a Tub fills up his head.
Thus having given a description,
Of this great wit and politician,
I now surrender my commission-.